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What Makes a Great Delivery Experience?

In today’s fast-paced world, a seamless and exceptional delivery experience, whether it’s food or a parcel, has become a crucial aspect of any successful business. As customer expectations continue to evolve, it is imperative for delivery teams to understand the key factors that contribute to a great delivery customer experience.

In this article, we will delve into the six fundamental principles that drive delivery teams to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and examine how a delivery experience management solution can simplify this process.

Improve Delivery Experience with Our 6 Proven Principles

These strategies have been identified through numerous surveys we have conducted for logistics and shipping companies, such as Lyreco, Packeta, GLS or WEDO. By implementing them, you can effectively establish a loyal customer base and gain a significant competitive advantage in the market.

1. Understanding Customer Needs

To provide an outstanding shipping experience, it is essential to comprehend the specific needs and preferences of your customers. By conducting thorough market research and analysing customer feedback, you can gain invaluable insights into what customers truly desire. This knowledge allows you to tailor your services accordingly, ensuring a personalised and satisfactory experience for each customer.

The picture shows Lyreco's customer feedback questionnaire with questions about the satisfaction with their couriers.

The power of this principle is demonstrated through the case of our client, Lyreco Central Europe. In 2022, the company started using the Staffino customer experience platform to improve feedback conversion rates and evaluate the customer experience with their delivery drivers.

Thanks to Staffino’s expertise, we were not only able to collect and analyse customer feedback, but also quantify and evaluate it more effectively. This has enabled us to identify new opportunities for improving and optimising our services. Additionally, it has helped us gain a better understanding of how we can enhance the experience for both customers and employees.


Andrej Obložinský, Logistics and QSS Director, Lyreco Central Europe

Not only did Lyreco surpass the market average conversion rate, but the survey also confirmed that customers expect proactive and helpful couriers. Failing to assist customers with handling parcels, especially heavier ones, would significantly lower the NPS score.

2. Professional and Courteous Delivery Personnel

As we foreshadowed in the first principle, delivery teams serve as the face of the company during the final stage of the customer journey. Well-trained and professional delivery personnel with a friendly attitude are key to creating a positive experience.

Once again, Lyreco serves as a great example of how the attitude and professionalism of a courier play a vital role in ensuring a positive delivery experience. As demonstrated in this case study featured on Lyreco’s blog, nearly 100 % of customers expressed satisfaction with the courier and the quality of service they provided, with the primary factor influencing the rating being their attitude. In addition, drivers who go the extra mile by offering assistance with heavier deliveries tend to receive more positive ratings.

To ensure your delivery personnel are motivated to go the extra mile and provide exceptional customer service with a smile, just like the ones from Lyreco, the key lies in customer feedback sharing, employee recognition, and sharing best practices.

First, we actively communicate with the couriers and shipping companies we collaborate with. Together, we share customer preferences and strive to understand them. This enables us to establish clear and consistent quality standards for our drivers. Second, when we identify drivers with outstanding customer satisfaction records, we make a point to share their experiences with others. This helps us disseminate best practices and enhance the overall quality of our services.


Robert Ferencz, Distribution Manager, Lyreco Central Europe

3. Efficient Communication Channels

Clear and effective communication is the cornerstone of a great delivery experience. Providing customers with real-time updates regarding their package’s status, estimated delivery time, and any potential delays is crucial.

Utilising advanced tracking technologies and automated notifications helps to keep customers informed and minimises anxiety or frustration. Moreover, establishing multiple communication channels, such as phone, email, and chat support, ensures customers can easily reach out with any queries or concerns.

Technology should assist customers in three key aspects: providing them with flexible options to manage their shipments, such as redirecting or postponing deliveries, or even combining multiple shipments from different senders for simultaneous delivery. Customers should have access to information regarding their incoming shipments, including the sender’s details, estimated dates, payment methods, and the name of the assigned driver. Ultimately, technology should strive to enhance customer comfort and convenience.


Danies Mareš, CEO of WEDO


4. Timeliness and Reliability

Prompt and reliable delivery is a fundamental aspect of customer satisfaction. Delivery teams must prioritise meeting the promised delivery timeframes, striving to deliver packages within the estimated window.

Employing efficient route planning and optimising delivery schedules can help reduce delays and ensure timely deliveries. Moreover, proactive communication in case of unforeseen circumstances or delays builds trust and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Packeta, a leading delivery company in the Czech Republic, utilises GPS tracking to ensure that delivery schedules run smoothly. Consequently, both the company and its customers have access to detailed, real-time information regarding their packages.

Our drivers are equipped with GPS tracking, ensuring that their location is recorded whenever they stop at an address. This allows us to confirm their presence at the specified location. Additionally, we keep a record of the drivers’ calls, providing us with information on the number of times they contacted the customer and the duration of each call, down to the exact seconds. If a driver fails to meet the required call length, we take appropriate action, including imposing fines. The end customer can view all this information directly in the shipment tracking, including the timestamps of our attempted phone calls.


Radek Simerský, Logistics Manager, PACKETA CZ

Customer experience consulting can play a crucial role in optimising delivery time. Seasoned CX consultants can help identify areas for improvement in the delivery process. Additionally, they can assist in developing effective communication strategies to keep customers informed about any potential delays or changes in delivery schedules, ensuring a positive experience even in challenging situations.

5. Packaging and Presentation

The physical condition of a package upon arrival significantly impacts the overall delivery experience. Ensuring that packages are securely packaged, protected from damage, and aesthetically presented enhances customer satisfaction. Additionally, incorporating sustainable packaging practices not only aligns with environmental concerns but also appeals to eco-conscious customers.

6. Continuous Improvement and Feedback

To excel in customer satisfaction, you and your team should constantly seek ways to improve your services. Regularly collecting feedback from customers through a customer experience platform like Staffino helps identify areas for improvement.

Analysing on-time delivery rates and customer experience metrics such as CSAT provides valuable insights into performance. By implementing data-driven improvements, delivery teams can consistently enhance the overall delivery experience.


A great delivery experience is the result of a meticulously planned and customer-centric approach. Embracing the above principles will not only enhance customer loyalty but also establish a reputation for excellence in the market. Remember, every delivery holds the potential to create a lasting impression, so make it a remarkable one!

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