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We invite you to Webinar: CX Trends 2022

Whatever 2021 has brought into our lives, it is now over. We can now look towards the challenges that this year brings. Each year brings something new to the table, just look at the boost in the digitalization work across all industries that was brought in by the pandemic rules. That being said, the Customer Experience world is no different and it keeps on evolving. So we’d like to tell you what’s new in the CX world and what you can expect this year. So without further ado allow us to invite you to our webinar “CX Trends for 2022”

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When is it taking place and where can I join the CX Trends 2022 Webinar?

Well as you might’ve guessed from the event’s name it will be taking place online. Due to the pandemic and observing the various rules in place, we’re forced to live stream the event. So mark the date, on the 23th of February at 17:00 (UTC+2) we’ll be discussing the current trends in the customer experience industry.

What can you look forward to?

Positive1. Great changes require great innovations – we look at the changes affecting the CX field ranging from changes in customer behavior

  • Changes in customer behavior due to the pandemic
  • Change the distribution of incoming contacts in touch points
  • Digitization – demanding digital customers
  • Efficiency – performance of touch points in new conditions

Net Promoter Score

2. NPS is back – a simple approach to measuring metrics and more

  • The importance of customer loyalty in the current environment
  • Easy approach to measuring and managing loyalty
  • Change of fundamental view of loyalty
  • Current loyalty programs

Global changes

3. Beyond the CX – CX like a team sport

  • Joint responsibility for creating CX
  • The need for the right technology for customer service teams
  • Sharing information with other departments is key
  • Data – lack of analytical capacity to interpret the obtained data

Your guide through this year’s CX trends will be our very own Ján Gabauer, a CX specialist with years of experience in the field. The webinar will be followed by an open discussion and after that, your questions, which you can ask during the webinar using live chat, will be answered.

You can sign up for the webinar by filling out the form found on this webpage. Once you fill it out we’ll send you a link that will allow you to connect to the webinar.

The CX Trends 2022 webinar is free and accessible to everyone and will be held in English.

During the webinar we’ll focus on the trends, that will have the greatest impact on CX in 2022. We’ll also look at the various aspects of CX which will prove to be important in the upcoming year, which areas are important, what to use, what to avoid, and what to be wary of.

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