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Watch the Webinar: How to Get the Highest Return on CX

There are various factors that can influence the customers’ perception of your company; however, some are more relevant than others. Call centres play a major role in customer satisfaction and can also affect the return on investment. 

Is there a quick and effective way to improve the level of services at a call centre to get the highest possible return? Of, course! And it is precisely what our CX specialist Jan Gabauer talked about in our most recent webinar.

What Can Call Centres Do Better to Bring the Best Business Value?

This time, we looked at the influence of call centre processes on customer experience. Nowadays, customers are increasingly comfortable and have high expectations for their interaction with a call centre. They expect that their issues will be resolved fast and in a professional manner. Unfortunately, they often end the call with an agent more frustrated than before and share their call centre experience with others. This certainly doesn’t show your brand in the best light nor increases the revenue. 

Our CX specialist presented three topics related to the optimisation of call centre customer experience and after each topic, he answered interesting questions from the audience. These are the topics covered: 

●  Service level 

In the first section of the webinar, Jan explained how to optimise the service level at a call centre and what’s the influence of the service level on customer experience.

●  SLA or promise to the customer

Secondly, he talked about how to align the SLA (Service Level Agreement) related to response and delivery with the customers’ expectations.

●  Average handle time and CX 

The last section was dedicated to AHT (Average Handle Time) and how call length impacts customer satisfaction.

Watch the Webinar Recording

If you are interested in the effective solutions our CX specialist presented, you can watch the webinar recording. Leave us your email address and we’ll gladly share the recording with you so that you can learn more about how to maintain the effectiveness of your CX programme at a call centre in order to get the highest ROCX – return on customer experience.