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Top 8 Must-Read Customer Experience Books

With competition fiercer than ever, the quest to deliver exceptional CX has led many to seek wisdom from the experts. From harnessing empathy and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to mastering the art of closing the loop and delivering beyond expectations, these top 8 customer experience books offer a treasure trove of insights and strategies. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to the CX domain, these books are essential reads to elevate your customer experience game.

The 8 Best Books on Customer Experience

Empathy in Action: How to Deliver Great Customer Experiences At Scale

Authors: Tony Bates and Natalie Petouhoff
About: This book dives deep into the importance of empathy in crafting customer experiences that are not only satisfactory but truly remarkable. Bates and Petouhoff provide a comprehensive guide on how businesses can scale their operations without losing the personal touch that customers crave.

A Complaint Is A Gift: How To Learn From Critical Feedback And Recover Customer Loyalty

Author: Janelle Barlow
About: Turning the concept of customer complaints on its head, Barlow’s book is a masterclass in understanding the feedback loop. It teaches businesses how to see complaints as opportunities to strengthen customer relationship through effective closed loop feedback mechanisms.

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Uncopyable: How To Create An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

Author: Steve Miller
About: In “Uncopyable,” Miller outlines strategies for businesses to stand out in a crowded market. This book is a goldmine for those looking to innovate their customer experience and create a brand that is truly uncopyable.

Do B2B Better: Drive Growth Through Game-Changing Customer Experience

Author: Jim Tincher
About: Tincher’s expertise shines through in this book, which focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities within the B2B customer experience. It’s a must-read for anyone looking to elevate their CX strategy in the B2B realm.

The AI Empowered Customer Experience: A CX practitioners guide to the possibilities and risks of AI

Author: Simon Kriss
About: As AI becomes increasingly integrated into customer experience strategies, Kriss’s book serves as an essential guide to navigating this new terrain. From understanding the basics of AI and customer experience to exploring advanced CX AI strategies, this book covers it all.

Customers Know You Suck: Actionable CX Strategies to Better Understand, Attract, and Retain Customers

Author: Debbie Levitt
About: Levitt’s straightforward approach in this book provides readers with actionable strategies to improve their CX. It’s a wake-up call for businesses to prioritise customer experience and offers practical advice on how to make meaningful improvements.

The Customer Rules: The 39 Essential Rules for Delivering Sensational Service

Author: Lee Cockerell
About: Drawing from his extensive experience with Disney, Cockerell shares 39 rules that any business can apply to deliver exceptional customer service. This book is a roadmap to achieving excellence in every customer interaction.

Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect

Author: Will Guidara
About: Guidara’s book is an ode to the transformative power of going above and beyond for customers. It’s an inspirational read that challenges businesses to rethink their approach to customer service and hospitality.

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Why You Should Read These Customer Experience Books

Why should you and your team dive into the book CX? Exploring the best books on customer experience is essential for many reasons:

1. Learn from the experts: Each of these books is penned by a seasoned professional with deep insights into the nuances of customer experience. Their expertise can guide you in refining your CX strategies.

2. Understand the feedback loop: Grasping the feedback meaning and mastering the art of closed loop feedback is crucial for continuous improvement. These books offer valuable lessons on how to effectively close the loop with your customers.

The picture shows how the closed-loop feedback system by Staffino works in practice.

3. Leverage AI: With the rise of artificial intelligence in enhancing customer experience, understanding how to effectively integrate CX AI into your strategies is essential. These reads demystify the intersection of artificial intelligence and customer experience.

4. Innovate your approach: Standing out in today’s competitive market requires innovation. Learn how to create an unfair advantage and deliver experiences that set you apart.

5. Drive customer loyalty: At the heart of all these books is the ultimate goal of building customer loyalty. They offer strategies to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring they keep coming back.

Start Reading Today to Gain a Competitive Edge!

In a world where customers have more choices than ever, delivering exceptional customer experience is non-negotiable. Every book CX offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to help you elevate your customer experience management game. Whether you’re looking to improve your feedback loop, integrate artificial intelligence, customer experience and employee engagement strategy, or simply learn from the best in the business, these books are your roadmap to success.

We understand that your time is precious and reading might not always fit into your busy schedule. That’s why we offer a free consultation with our CX consulting experts. These books were meticulously hand-picked by our team, who are at the forefront of customer experience innovation. Engaging in a consultation will not only provide you with a condensed version of these insights but also tailor them to the unique needs of your business. Don’t let time constraints hold you back from understanding the critical aspects of your company’s customer experience and prioritising what matters the most!

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