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Top 5 Pharmacy Chains in Czechia in 2024: What Is the Best Pharmacy According to Customer Reviews?

Understanding customer satisfaction and delivering personalised care has become paramount for pharmacies aiming to lead the market. Today, we’re excited to share insights from our latest research, which spotlights five leading pharmacy retailers in Czechia that have mastered the art of customer experience.

These pharmacies have not only set the benchmark for pharmacy customer satisfaction but have also redefined what it means to provide personalised care in the pharmacy sector. Let’s dive in!

The Research Approach: AI-Powered Pharmacy Feedback Analysis

At Staffino, we believe in the power of feedback and its transformative ability to elevate customer experiences. Leveraging our advanced AI feedback analysis technology, we aimed to analyse Google reviews of numerous pharmacy chains across Czechia. Our goal was not just to rank these pharmacies but to delve deeper into what makes customers appreciate one pharmacy over another.

Our methodology was straightforward yet powerful. By integrating Google reviews into our AI tool, we were able to sift through a vast array of customer feedback across various parameters. 

The sample size was 4,157 reviews. To emphasise the role of pharmacists’ approach in the overall customer experience, we only examined pharmacy chains with brick-and-mortar operations, not just online stores. This analysis allowed us to identify the main drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, providing a clear picture of the current leading pharmacy retailers in Czechia.

CX Benchmarks for Pharmacies in Czechia

Our research also allowed us to establish key customer experience benchmarks for the Czech pharmacy market. While we choose to keep specific data anonymised, it’s clear that leading pharmacy chains are those that prioritise:

  • Personalised care and attention to individual customer needs
  • Efficient and friendly service
  • Clean, well-organised, and easily navigable store layouts
  • Availability of a wide range of products
  • Expert advice and consultation services
A graph showing CX benchmarks for Czech pharmacies in 2024.

The graph also shows that the most significant issue for most pharmacies in Czechia are the long waiting times.

5 Leading Pharmacy Chains in Czechia

Our analysis identified the top 5 pharmacy retailers that stand out for their exceptional customer satisfaction in 2024. These pharmacies have set a benchmark in the Czech market, excelling in areas that customers value the most, such as personalised care, knowledgeable staff, and a welcoming environment.

Here they are, ranked based on their Google star rating performance:

1. Chytrá lékárna

Chytrá Lékárna stands out in the Czech pharmacy world because of its excellent customer service and top-level pharmacy services. It’s become a go-to place for people looking for reliable health advice and a wide selection of products, all thanks to its focus on treating each customer with personalised attention.

"We want our customers to feel good when they shop at our pharmacies. Simple and yet so difficult."

Based on what we found from Google reviews, Chytrá Lékárna is the top pharmacy chain in Czechia. We used our AI technology to sort through customer feedback and noticed that most of the positive comments were about how friendly and helpful the staff is, along with their excellent customer service. Remarkably, a staggering 88% of all reviews regarding staff approach and service received positive feedback.

Their strong focus on making sure their pharmacists are great with customers and provide top-notch service really sets them apart. It’s a great example for other retailers to aim for in order to foster pharmacy customer loyalty.

2. EUC Lékárna

The logo of EUC pharmacy chain.

EUC Lékárna ensures that essential healthcare information, products, and services are easily accessible to all, making it a preferred choice for those seeking convenience and quality in their healthcare solutions.

In our pharmacy satisfaction analysis, EUC Lékárna has proudly secured the second position in terms of their Google star rating.

Two examples of positive Google reviews for EUC pharmacy.

This is a testament to the pharmacy chain’s commitment to excellence in customer service and satisfaction. By consistently delivering a vast assortment of high-quality healthcare products and personalised care, EUC Lékárna has not only earned the trust and loyalty of its customers but has also distinguished itself as a leader in the competitive pharmacy retail market in Czechia.

3. Pilulka

The logo of Pilulka pharmacy chain.

Pilulka stands as a beacon of innovation and convenience in the Czech pharmacy retail sector. With a robust online presence and numerous physical stores across the country, Pilulka has made significant strides in ensuring that healthcare products and services are within everyone’s reach.

In our comprehensive analysis of pharmacy satisfaction, Pilulka has impressively clinched the third position based on its Google star ratings. Key factors contributing to Pilulka’s high satisfaction scores include its knowledgeable and friendly personnel, wide product availability, and the overall shopping comfort experienced by customers in its stores. These elements work in harmony to create a welcoming and efficient environment, making Pilulka a preferred pharmacy choice for many.

“In the retail pharmacy sector, individual items are generally quite affordable, typically priced between one hundred to two hundred Czech crowns. These items are everyday essentials, where the product and its price aren't as crucial as the sales approach and the quality of service.”


The logo of the BENU pharmacy chain.

BENU, a prominent name in the Czech pharmacy landscape, is renowned for its comprehensive healthcare and wellness solutions. With a vast network of pharmacies spread across the country, BENU offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products, health services, and expert consultations.

BENU pharmacist handing a bag with medicine to the customer.

Our AI-powered analysis of Google reviews highlights BENU’s exceptional performance in customer service and personnel interaction. It’s clear from the customer feedback that BENU’s staff are not just knowledgeable about their products but are also genuinely caring and eager to assist. Customers frequently praise the patience and understanding of pharmacists and assistants, who take the time to listen to their needs and provide tailored advice.

5. Dr.Max

This is a logo of Dr.max pharmacy chain.

Dr.Max is a leading pharmacy chain in Czechia, committed to providing exceptional healthcare and wellness services to its customers. With a strong presence both online and in physical stores across the country, Dr.Max offers a wide range of pharmaceutical products, health supplements, and personal care items.

In the realm of customer service and satisfaction, Dr.Max has set a high benchmark in the pharmacy sector of Czechia. According to a detailed analysis of Google reviews, the most praised aspect of Dr.Max pharmacies is the exceptional personnel and customer service, which accounts for more than half of all customer feedback

A screen showing a CSAT survey question about the pharmacist approach during the customer visit.

This emphasis on quality interaction is not by chance; Dr.Max invests significantly in monitoring and enhancing the customer-pharmacist relationship. Using Staffino’s CX pharmacy solution, an advanced feedback collection and analysis tool, Dr.Max evaluates every customer interaction with their pharmacists. This not only allows them to identify areas of excellence but also areas that require improvement.

“Thanks to Staffino, we can now pinpoint exactly which of our branches have ongoing issues affecting the shopping experience and identify the specific pharmacists that have impacted our customers’ feelings.”

Sharing best practices across their network of pharmacies has become a cornerstone of their strategy to elevate the pharma patient journey. This approach ensures that every visit to a Dr.Max pharmacy is more than just a transaction; it’s a unique, personalised experience that exceeds customer expectations.

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The landscape of pharmacy retail in Czechia is one that is highly competitive yet ripe with opportunities for those willing to listen to their customers. The top 5 pharmacy chains of 2024 have demonstrated that success lies in blending operational excellence with a deep commitment to personalised care.

This picture shows a part of Staffino's pharmacy satisfaction survey with 2 questions and some graphs around it.

For those looking to climb the ranks and enhance their pharma customer service, Staffino offers the tools and insights needed to make informed improvements. Our advanced AI feedback analysis technology is not just about understanding what your customers think; it’s about turning those insights into actionable strategies that drive satisfaction and sales.

If you’re interested in how Staffino can help your pharmacy chain achieve its customer experience goals or want to see the full CX analysis of your pharmacy chain, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Let’s create happier customers and healthier communities together!

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