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The Staffino Difference: An Innovative Approach to Experience Management

Are you looking for a platform that can help you take your customer and employee experience management to the next level? Look no further than Staffino! Our unique tools provide the added value many businesses need to stay competitive and succeed in today’s market. We don’t just talk the talk, so come explore what makes us stand out from other experience management solutions and see why Staffino is the way to go.

1. We Simplify CX Through an Easy-to-Use Online Platform

The real sophistication is simplicity. We have seen companies paying vast sums for over-complicated platforms, which often prove to be counter-productive for daily CX operations. Don’t pay for features you don’t need, but make sure that what you are buying will bring real insight and results! 

Our online experience management platform hits the sweet spot when it comes to price and features. We provide a self-operated system with highly advanced features for half the usual price of other big experience management players. 

The true benefit comes from simplifying customer experience whilst retaining all the benefits of a sophisticated solution so that it can be employed through and impact the entire organization – not just the CX team. 

2. We Create a Culture of Positive Recognition in Real-Time

We’ll make your employees addicted to positive customer feedback! Did you know that, on average, 86% of customer feedback is positive? It would be a shame not to use it for a good cause. We link every positive transactional customer feedback with a specific employee and share this feedback with employees daily in real time. According to research, 67% of employees are motivated by praise from customers rather than financial incentives, and positive employee recognition is proven to increase productivity by 14%

In this way, we make employee recognition a daily part of your employees’ routine. Unlike quarterly meetings with managers, which often focus on the less positive aspects of employee performance, sharing positive customer feedback through Staffino encourages your employees daily and continuously drives positive, customer-centric employee behaviour.

This short anecdote best proves how addictive positive customer feedback can be for employees: 

A few years ago, a call centre agent from E.ON contacted Staffino headquarters. He complained that there was a problem with the online platform. We immediately investigated the case. Turned out the agent hadn’t received positive feedback from a customer for three consecutive days, so he assumed the service was down. He had come to rely on customer feedback!

There is so much to say about the (often highly underrated) power of positive customer feedback. We understand its potential and nurture it every day to boost employee motivation.

3. We Love Being in the Field & Are Always at Your Service 

We are closer to your people than you would ever have hoped for! Our HQ is neither in Utah nor San Francisco. As we grew in Europe, our solutions were built around European clients. We understand local mentalities and know how to operate successfully in a fragmented European market. We understand the complexity of language barriers and cultural differences impacting different thinking, business practice and approach to daily challenges. We even have a special semantic engine able to process any language and find the main (dis)satisfaction drivers in thousands of feedback.

We will happily localise and customise the Staffino platform according to your requirements. Moreover, since managing experience remotely often proves ineffective, we are ready to visit you anytime and help train and inform your teams to ensure you make the most of your experience management programme. 

We don’t just give you a platform to collect data – data interpretation and CX consultations are included in our package.

In short, we are always there if you need help, and we built our reputation on the levels of availability and flexibility we provide to our clients.

4. We Link XM Data to Revenue

Unless linked to business, XM data are not used in the best possible way. We know that every customer and employee experience initiative needs to be linked to ROI. We always consider our clients’ experience management strategy from a business perspective. In all we do, we follow your business goals and combine your XM programme with core business deliverables, such as:

  • customer retention
  • decreased employee turnover
  • saving on process improvements
  • cross-sell/upsell opportunities

Our ability to use customer feedback to fuel cross-sell/upsell and prevent churn is proven. Check out our case study and learn how we helped a leading European pharmacy chain increase the average purchase value by 15% and raise customer satisfaction by 20% at the same time.

Read the full case study.

5. Our Friendly Pricing Makes CX/EX Accessible to Real People

We believe CX deserves a fair price tag. Otherwise, it will never get to real people. High-level customer experience management is a premium commodity no more! When we offer friendly pricing, it doesn’t mean we are less professional or that our platform is less robust. The world’s biggest XM players’ price barrier prevents customer and employee experience from becoming an everyday routine. Our mission is to make CX available to the masses. We are honest and true to our vision and won’t charge you unnecessarily.

“Companies have huge plans, buying expensive software platforms for ridiculous money. In the end, they often struggle to admit that these platforms are over-complicated. 80% of users often use less than 20% of what those platforms offer as they are over-engineered for middle or lower management, fighting daily challenges. The time for a 2nd generation XM platform has come.”

If you’re interested in a custom price quote, do not hesitate to contact us via the pricing form on our website.

Final Word

Our simple yet powerful platform allows employers and managers to improve customer experience and increase revenue while creating a positive and productive workplace culture. Now that you know more about Staffino’s unique and innovative approach to experience management, will you give it a shot?