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5 Tips on How to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2022

A remarkable customer experience is becoming a new norm for brands. It can increase customer loyalty and boost long-term business growth. How to stand out from your competitors in today’s market and make your company a customer-centric one? In this article, we bring you the most effective ways to improve customer experience in 2022.

A Great Customer Experience Is Important

Why do brands make such a fuss about improving their CX? Let’s look at some of the main benefits a flawless customer experience can bring:

1. Increased revenue

Satisfied customers end up spending more money on your products and services. Besides, they are more likely to recommend you to potential customers.

2. Lower expenses

Satisfied customers are likely to spread the good word about your business for free. Having a stable base of promoters can therefore lower your marketing expenses for advertising.

3. A loyal customer base

Loyal customers are the most reliable, stable source of income. Did you know that new customer acquisition costs approximately 7 times more than maintaining an existing one?

Top 5 Ways to Improve Your CX in 2022

1. Use omnichannel feedback collection

This is one of the latest and most effective strategies for collecting feedback. Instead of collecting solely spontaneous feedback, try soliciting it via multiple channels including emails, text messages, and phone calls. If you use a customer experience management platform such as Staffino, you will be able to collect real opinions from hundreds of your customers daily. You will gain a deeper understanding of the drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction and at the same time, you will make your customers feel valued and cared for. Research shows that brands who ask their customers for opinions rank much higher in customer satisfaction.

2. Analyse the feedback

Just collecting the feedback is not enough. Without an in-depth analysis, it will be hard to figure out what to do next. The qualitative and quantitative data gathered from customer feedback need to be analysed in order to identify quick wins or make longer-term business plans. An experience management platform can help you track the interactions with your customers on personalised dashboards and provide detailed analysis that can further improve your CX. Customer experience consulting is another great way to identify holes in your processes. Based on a thorough analysis, a CX specialist will help you determine which features need to be implemented to provide a hassle-free experience.

3. Level up your customer service

The level of your customer service has a huge impact on your customer experience. Notice if customer service gets mentioned often in a negative way and if it does, make sure you hired the right people for the job. They might need further training to be able to solve customer issues professionally. A polite, quick, and efficient problem-solving approach is key to a positive customer service experience.

4. Reward loyalty

As mentioned above, maintaining existing customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones. Measure your NPS score regularly to identify promoters and aim some of your marketing activities at them. This doesn’t mean you should start showering loyal customers with free products and discounts. There are many budget-friendly options your customers will love. Try creating an early-access programme or give a referral discount for recruiting new customers.

5. Value your employees

Satisfied customers begin with satisfied employees. Let your employees know you value their work and try increasing their motivation by hosting regular appreciation meetings or giving rewards. How to find out which employees deserve recognition and which ones need a push in the right direction? Implement gamification in your employee motivation management. Not only will you get a perfect overview of employee performance, but you can also increase their engagement with fun badges and team competitions. 

Final Thoughts

Today, people are willing to pay more for a flawless experience. So, whatever approach you choose, remember to put your customers first. Make them feel valued, ask for their opinion, engage with them regularly, and watch your customer experience improve.