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Templates in triggers, Flow navigation and much more…

Read our overview of new functionalities in Staffino’s business application. We’ve added a few improvements to help users and customers use the app

What have we added to the application?

Templates in triggers

In our business application we already provide a service for creating and editing templates.

Template management can be accessed in Campaigns from Settings. Our team now released a connecting part located in Triggers. This means from now on, you can create a template and use it in the trigger. 

You are able to specify a preferred language if the template is translated to more languages or you can let the selection of translation be decided by the customer’s attribute (customer locale).

Flow navigation 

This update is released together with caching. The customer can navigate back and forth in the flow with all logic being applied.

Attribute placeholders in templates

Placeholders are placed in the text of the template. This is a representation of attribute value that will be placed in this position in the final request. Eg. {{}} used in the email template will place real customer’s name from imported column and we can address the customer by his name.

Multichoice – Limit min/max 

When using multichoice questions, have you ever wanted to limit the number of choices a customer can make? Now you can do that with new options in editor.

  • Limits: Minimum choices – set the minimum number of choices a user can select. If a user selects less the system will alert her/him about the missed criteria.
  • Limits: Maximum choices – user is not allowed to select more than the limit.

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