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New Features in the Staffino CX Management Platform: June 2022 Product Update

Staffino’s goal is to provide our clients with the fastest, most collaborative, and user-friendly customer feedback tool; that is why we improve its features every month. In this article, we present a rundown of our latest product updates. Learn all about the recently added features in our customer experience management platform to help you deliver an exceptional customer experience.

1. Customer Feedback Detail Page

When we solicit customer feedback via email or SMS, they receive a link through which they can enter the feedback collection interface, rate the organisation, and share their input. Similarly, when the customer receives a reply from the manager or an auto-reply, they will get an email or SMS notification with a prompt to view the reaction to their feedback. 

After being redirected to the customer interface, an updated feedback detail page opens. This page was decluttered and stripped of unnecessary information to look more transparent and user-friendly. Most importantly, the conversation with the organisation was moved to the top of the page, followed by the overview of the feedback that the customer shared earlier. In this way, the response is prominent, and the customer will always understand what the conversation relates to. Closed-loop feedback is vital for a good customer experience, and following up with customers through the Staffino platform is made even more intuitive thanks to this update. 

2. Storing Locale Information in Feedback

It was necessary to create a seamless fallback for displaying correct language to customers. In May, we set the locale preference for soliciting customer feedback. This time, we have added locale storing to the actual customer feedback, making it possible to determine in which language the conversation should continue. When the customer receives a message from the manager or an auto-reply, the notification and the abovementioned customer feedback detail page will be displayed in their preferred language

3. Storing Order of Flow Questions 

We began storing the flow questions in the order in which the customer answered those questions. Before, we stored the questions in the order of their creation in the flow, but now the final submitted or auto-saved customer feedback will be displayed in the order chosen by the customer.

This feature is essential for various reasons, including the psychological aspect. In this way, we can be more precise in customer journey mapping and visualising the customer’s thought process. This new feature also makes analysing customer insights much more manageable.

4. Advanced Filtering Options

We have also expanded the filtering options for API to make the data exchange between our clients and us more effective. For example, we have added filtering options for customer feedback, interactions, venues, and employees based on specific attributes. This means our clients can now easily retrieve and update only the data that is relevant for their use case, system, and needs.

Get a Firsthand Experience

We hope you find the new product features as intuitive and easy to use as ever. If you are new to Staffino and want to check out the platform, do not hesitate to try our demo for free. Get a firsthand experience of all the features of our experience management platform trusted by more than fifty world’s leading brands in over thirty countries.