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Product review 2019

Here are the biggest changes in Staffino last year.

Business Application

In 2019, the main task for us was to move managerial features to a new application which would speed up and streamline proceses. Also, we optimized the service for smartphone use.



We have created many new Dashboard widgets, which can be modified for each client’s case and needs.


Feedback management

Complete functionality to manage customer feedback and many more options added. Batch actions to edit or move feedback faster. Ability to Undo a customer reply or to create Labels.



We introduced a feature called Deep scan, making Profile management a piece of cake. You no longer need to add managers to every venue. Now you can just set up a company’s structure tree and place a Profile in the relevant level. Each user will see every venue below their position in the tree.



Import has moved to the new business app, with some requested features added. Imports can now be filtered. Statistics for imports are also more comprehensive.

Import settings can be saved as a Preset. After marking all columns, the setup can be stored for repeat use. Each Preset is stored for that organisation. Loading a preset for an import will verify if the file matches the Preset. If there is any irregularity, the system will notify theuser. These improvements will speed up importing and make it easier.



Unsubscribe list

Periodical reporting of all unsubscribed customers to clients.


Undelivered interactions report

Every client with requested feedback (manual imports) is able to download a report of undelivered interactions.



Export any set of data or view – even export by graph. Exports are now working in the background and the manager is notified when they are ready. The ability to export raw data is bundled by interaction.

Semantic Drivers

Set the drivers/labels you want to monitor in the feedback yourself. With a little help, you teach the engine to recognize these drivers. The drivers are then populated by machine learning.



Add profiles to venues and change Categories (job positions) for each venue, or add more Reference IDs for one profile.

Reordering profiles in a venue will be a breeze from now on.

Transaction emails

All emails sent to managers have been revised. New emails are responsive (optimised for mobile phones), clean and contain updated content.




It is now possible to set up multiple access to the same data set in a company (eg. a manager can access different employee views, switching between Top manager and Store manager profiles to oversee information visibility).

Level of structure/business view

Create a role level structureAssign rules and content visibility for each managerial level.
New managers will automatically obtain the Dashboard view relevant to their position in the structure.
For the time being this feature is only available through our support team.

Staff interface

We have laid the foundations of gamification with employees. Leaderboards and personal statistics can now be a part of a staff member’s dashboard.

Customer application


Questionnaire flow

Better control of content means you can create any questionnaire flow.


Landing pages

Updated landing pages for requested feedback.

Content translations

Questions and other content visible to customers can be translated to any language. Each questionaire can have its own defined set of languages.

Email registration

We enabled email registration in the new customer application (for spontaneous feedback).

Kiosk mode update

For better security, the kiosk mode in the new web app needs a token on setup. This token ensures kiosks are verified.

Upgraded legibility on tablets.