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5 Great Ways to Empower Frontline Employees

Frontline employees are the backbone of any organisation. They are the face of the company, interacting directly with customers and clients on a daily basis. Empowering these employees is crucial for their job satisfaction, productivity, and overall success of the organisation. 

In this blog article, we will explore the five most effective ways to improve the frontline employee experience. To demonstrate how it works in real-world scenarios, we reached out to leading companies such as Lyreco Central Europe and Volkswagen Financial Services, as well as city administration offices like Bratislava, The Capital City of Slovakia, to learn how they utilise Staffino to empower their frontline employees. 

1. Boost Employee Morale with Daily Positive Customer Feedback

One of the most effective ways to empower your frontline employees is by providing them with a daily dose of positive energy through customer feedback.

The image is showing two info charts telling about benefits of employee recognition.

Often overlooked, this simple method can have a profound impact on staff motivation and satisfaction, as evidenced by the following words of Lyreco couriers:

“Customer satisfaction is reflected in repeated orders. A simple principle applies here: What you give is what you get.

“I definitely read the feedback. Customers already know me, they are happy to see me. Since I have regular customers, they consider me as an old friend from Lyreco.

By gathering feedback from customers about their interactions with your employees, you can expect around 50-80% positivity, regardless of the time, country, or industry. With the Staffino employee experience platform, you have the option to share this feedback with your frontline employees automatically. You can even customise it further by allowing them to receive real-time email notifications or a daily summary.

Did you assume that no one likes being evaluated? Think again! Here’s what government employees are saying about having access to their client feedback:

“Initially, there was some scepticism surrounding the service, but within a few days, as colleagues witnessed the appreciation from citizens they had assisted, they gradually started to actively promote the collection kiosk for evaluations at the end of their personal visits. It was fascinating to observe how positive feedback enhanced the employees’ morale. Consequently, this made it easier to present constructive criticism as well. When colleagues realised that they were receiving praise rather than just complaints, they became more invested in addressing the negative feedback by modifying their behaviour or refining minor processes.”

The genuine expressions of gratitude from customers that your frontline employees receive have been proven to enhance their morale and satisfaction significantly. This, in turn, motivates them to consistently deliver exceptional customer service.

2. Recognise and Reward Frontline Employee Achievements

Rewards and recognition for frontline employees’ achievements are a great way to empower them. According to research published in the Journal of Business Research, employee recognition positively influences job satisfaction, organisational commitment, and customer satisfaction. Implementing an effective employee recognition program that celebrates outstanding performance can significantly empower frontline employees.

Unfortunately, a staggering 70% of employees across the globe feel that they receive minimal or no acknowledgement in their workplace. To address this, it is crucial to incorporate daily recognition into employee motivation management.

Examples of screens from employee recognition module.

A few kind words go a long way. With Staffino, managers have the ability to offer daily recognition to their employees using the Internal discussion feature in our EX platform. This feature enables managers to recognise their employees when they receive positive feedback by posting a comment directly in a discussion thread below the feedback. This effective practice not only motivates employees to exhibit exemplary behaviour consistently but also fosters a sense of appreciation for their valuable contributions. 

Some other great ways to acknowledge employees include granting extended breaks, providing additional days off, showcasing recognition on social media platforms, and presenting awards or trophies.

3. Encourage Employee Feedback and Suggestions

One of the five great ways to empower frontline employees is to encourage their feedback and suggestions. Frontline employees often have valuable insights and ideas for improving customer service and operational efficiency. Actively seeking and implementing their suggestions not only empowers them but also leads to enhanced organisational performance.

A tablet and a phone showing examples of questions from employee survey.

Research has shown that organisations that implement employee suggestions experience higher levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction. Creating channels for open communication and recognising employee ideas can significantly empower frontline employees. Staffino’s employee satisfaction survey can help in this process by providing valuable insights into your organisation’s overall health and identifying areas for improvement. By valuing and caring for your employees’ opinions, you can increase employee engagement and happiness.

4. Delegate Decision-Making Authority

When employees are given the autonomy to make decisions and solve problems, they feel empowered and valued. Research conducted by the University of Michigan found that organisations that delegate decision-making authority to frontline employees experience higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Animated picture showing the process of an internal communication.

Staffino’s Internal discussion feature also allows employees to initiate conversations, not just managers. This feature enables employees to share their innovative ideas on how to improve customer service, enhance operational efficiency, or address any other relevant issues. By giving employees the platform to voice their suggestions and contribute to decision-making processes, you can tap into their diverse perspectives and expertise, further enhancing the overall morale of the workforce.

“Today, it is already standard for us that in the case of receiving a comment from our customer, the employee will automatically send a message about this particular case to the manager in the application. This way, we do not only get the employee’s view of the situation but possibly also an idea for improvement.”

5. Implement Frontline Employee Gamification in the Workplace

Last but not least, workplace gamification is an effective strategy gaining popularity. By incorporating elements of gaming into the daily workflow, companies can transform mundane tasks into engaging challenges, boosting frontline employee productivity and satisfaction. 

A picture with a few cards showing examples of gamification module.

With its comprehensive suite of gamified features, Staffino allows companies to create a fun and interactive environment for their frontline employees. From leaderboards to virtual badges, our gamification platform not only encourages healthy competition among employees but also fosters a sense of achievement. This gamification strategy is particularly well-suited for digital communication channels such as call centres, where employees primarily interact with customers through computers and other digital platforms.


Empowering frontline employees is crucial for their job satisfaction, productivity, and overall success of your organisation. The above testimonials from different sectors demonstrate the positive impact of these strategies on employee performance and customer satisfaction. Embracing these practices will not only benefit frontline employees but also contribute to the overall success of your business.

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