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The Biggest AI Analysis of Pharmacy Retail Experience in the Netherlands

In the ever-evolving landscape of pharmacy retail, understanding customer experience is not just an option—it’s a necessity. With the power of public reviews shaping the reputation and success of pharmacy chains, it’s crucial to dive deep into what customers are saying. That’s where Staffino steps in. 

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, we’ve embarked on an ambitious journey to analyse the experience of 7,000 customers across 11 pharmacy chains in the Netherlands. Our goal? To unearth the competitive landscape, identify key trends, and offer tailored recommendations to enhance pharmacy customer experience and drive revenue growth for your pharmacy chain.

Our Methodology: AI Customer Experience Analysis

Public reviews, such as those from Google, play a crucial role in understanding customer satisfaction and areas for improvement, as they offer genuine insights into the customer experience. 

Using Staffino’s innovative AI feedback analysis tool, we extracted and processed Google reviews for Dutch pharmacies. Our algorithm identified key drivers of customer satisfaction, tagging each piece of feedback for further analysis. Our team of seasoned CX consulting experts then compared various pharmacies, drawing actionable insights from the data. Check out our main findings below.

Pharma Experience in the Netherlands: Key Findings

A bar chart showing customer satisfaction with various aspects of the Dutch pharmacy retail market.

1. Prescription handling is the biggest challenge

The biggest hurdle, as highlighted by customer feedback, revolves around prescription handling. This critical aspect of pharma patient journey has the highest percentage of negative reviews compared to positive reviews. This may be linked to a shortage of pharmacists in the Netherlands, as mentioned below.

Nevertheless, prescription handling demands some serious attention, indicating a need for streamlined processes and enhanced communication. 

2. The lowest number of pharmacists per 100,000 inhabitants

Interestingly, the Netherlands boasts the lowest number of pharmacists per 100,000 inhabitants. When customers have to wait too long to get served, their satisfaction decreases, leading to a loss in potential sales and creating NPS detractors who may discourage others from visiting your pharmacy

This unique challenge of pharmacist shortage underscores the importance of optimising resources and improving operational efficiency within pharmacy chains.

3. The topic of staff interactions was mentioned in over a third of all feedback

Our analysis revealed that staff interaction is of utmost importance, receiving the highest number of customer reviews across all categories.

Public reviews about pharmacy service efficiency and staff interactions.

Staff interaction was highlighted in more than a third of all feedback, underscoring the significant impact of personal touch and customer service on overall satisfaction. Indeed, it is the interactions with staff that play a crucial role in attracting and retaining customers

4. Only 4% of customers voiced complaints about pricing

This suggests that factors other than cost are more influential in shaping customer perceptions and satisfaction. This insight into the minimal number of pricing complaints opens up a broader discussion about what pharmacies should prioritise to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. 41% of all positive feedback was attributed to interactions with staff

The data revealing that 41% of all positive feedback was attributed to interactions with pharmacy staff underscores the pivotal role these employees play in fostering positive customer experiences and building customer loyalty. Pharmacists’ expertise, empathy, and engagement are crucial factors that contribute to a pharmacy’s success.

Examples of public reviews about pharmacy service efficiency and staff interactions.

Motivating pharmacists and pharmacy staff through recognition of their efforts can significantly enhance employee performance. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to go above and beyond in their customer service, leading to even higher levels of positive feedback. Implementing employee recognition programs and training programs focusing on soft skills, such as communication, empathy, and patience, can serve as a powerful tool in encouraging staff to maintain high standards of customer care.

6. 50% of customers are unhappy with pharmacy service efficiency

Dissatisfaction primarily due to poor service efficiency and staff behaviour underscores a critical area for improvement within the pharmacy sector. 

This significant percentage not only highlights a gap in daily pharmacy operations management but also points to a broader issue in employee performance management and staff engagement within these establishments.

7. The most loved pharmacy in the Netherlands is DA Drogist

In the realm of Google ratings, DA Drogist emerged as the top performer, while Medsen Apotheek faced the most challenges. These insights provide a clear benchmark for success and areas for improvement.

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