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How Gamification Can Boost Employee Engagement and Motivation

Are you looking for a game changer that will keep your employees engaged and motivated? Stop racking your brain and turn employee experience into an actual game. For many, endless workshops and PowerPoint presentations don’t cut it anymore, especially since most of them zone out midway through. So how do you keep the team morale high?

Change Your EX Game

One word – gamification. Now if you’re not familiar with the concept, it means adding game principles, game thinking, or game logic to a task to encourage participation – or simply put, in our case, make work-related tasks a game. Humans are social creatures that seek validation and purpose, so employee recognition certainly cannot be ignored. By adding gamification elements based on feedback into your employees’ daily workflow, you’d essentially be killing two birds with one stone.

Staffino’s Gamification Module is a part of Employee Engagement Software. With this module, you can gamify employee tasks using performance data and feedback collected from your customers. Using the collected feedback as a metric, employees can unlock achievements and earn badges for completed tasks. Similar mechanics are used in video games and enjoy a great deal of success in motivating players to go out of their way to complete tasks. By unlocking various achievements, gamers feel a sense of accomplishment, which fuels them to perform tasks even better. By using the same tactics, you can encourage employee motivation and performance.


How the Gamification Module Works

The performance dashboard provides an overview of the various aspects you’re tracking, which can be viewed in different time intervals and compared over time. The metrics you can track include the results of teams, their members, how much feedback you’ve received, and how various team members and teams are performing in comparison to each other. Based on the results of predefined metrics, winners are generated for each defined period – usually a month. While these metrics allow you to see the bigger picture and adjust your strategy accordingly, what is the added value for your employees? 

Friendly competition, tangible results, and maybe some bragging rights. These take on the form of badges – daily double for 2 positive feedbacks within one day, hattrick for three consecutive days of positive feedback, night owl for the latest feedback received, and early bird for the earliest feedback of the day.

The world, or rather the dashboard, is your oyster – mix and match achievements your employees can unlock and award them with badges based on their performance. And while positive feedback is encouraging, you can also award badges for negative feedback to motivate employees to embrace improvement – the grumpy cat for 3 negative pieces of feedback or mood swing for inconsistent feedback, for example.


What Do Employees Think?

You don’t have to take our word for it, as countless scientific studies provide ample proof that gamification boosts employee engagement. However, if you’re still not convinced, but don’t want to thumb through pages of scientific hypotheses, allow our client testimonials to speak for themselves. 

One of our clients asked their employees what collecting trophies and achievements on Staffino means to them. Here are some of the responses collected:

“On the one hand I take it as a reward, on the other, it’s always nice to hear praise from our clients. It’s nice to be appreciated.” – ZR

“It makes my day just a bit brighter, I like it.” – MB

“It’s a fun way to motivate us. Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam.” – PS

“It gives me another reason to browse my performance on Staffino, the badges are funny, and they always raise my spirits whenever I look at them in the morning.” – ZB

“They’re fun and a motivation to improve!” – ED

Would you also like to improve your staff’s engagement and raise their morale? Or see how Staffino’s Gamification Module can improve your team’s performance in practice? Feel free to reach out to the Staffino team of CX specialists.