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Celebrate client´s and customer´s day by sending feedback through Staffino

This holiday originated entirely due to the customer and therefore we thought that it may also be the day when what most of us will send feedback.

It can be a thank you or suggestion through Staffino to some employee, who served us, and thanks to companies or institutions for quality service or impulse that could immediately solve the accountable manager.

Client´s day take managers and owners of various companies as an opportunity to thank:

– all the shoppers and customers who use different services
– visitors shopping centers and shops
– shoppers on the internet and eshops
– all our clients and business partners

How can we support this day?

We could send as many feedback through Staffino to show that we care about the quality of service and that we recognize the excellent staff and what is good.


Managers and owners of companies or institutions could give customers more attention as gesture that they care about them.

How it all began?

In 2010, some management of company from Klaipeda in Lithuania considered to celebrate the anniversary of its founding. They realized that there is no particular day dedicated to customers and clients. And so they came up with idea how to celebrate it with them. In 2011 this idea was also supported by other international companies. This day received the support of the media and the Lithuanian government. It was also supported by Russia and later that day got an international dimension.