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Improved Notifications, Customer CX history, Conversion and SMS


With the notification feature, clients are provided freedom and versatility. You can choose what to be notified about, and every level and/or department can have their own notification set. Each of these sets can apply different rules to report on the same data. For example, one department may be interested in specific feedback by metric value, while another might focus on specific attributes regardless of the answer.

This feature brings many new possibilities to managers, enabling them to set complex conditions when defining which notifications are sent. When combined with Rules & Channels, notifications can now be set for any of Staffino’s feedback channels (e.g. Email, SMS – or even WhatsApp and Viber).



Customer CX history

The history of a customer’s feedback can be highly valuable for a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction and behaviour; the volume and timing of customer feedback, how their answers have changed… STAFFINO displays this all through clear and easy to understand visuals.

Customer CX history is integrated as part of a feedback management. The  timeline graph below shows an example feedback history for a customer.



Conversion and SMS

Email conversions are very straightforward and the results readily relied upon. We aggregate the number of successfully delivered customer emails, dividing this by the number of received feedbacks.

With SMS things aren’t as straightforward. Most SMS gateways don’t provide reports detailing delivered messages. In this instance, the result for delivered messages shows an N/A value, so conversion is calculated from sent messages*. The User is notified how to interpret these results.

*Sent messages are very reliable in SMS delivery and drop-off from delivered messages is negligible.

For more detailed information about requesting results take a look at this infographic: