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Story behind our first global account JYSK

We spoke to our CEO Tomas Rosputinsky and gave him four punchy questions on the new landing: first global account JYSK, active in 3000 stores in 53 countries.

Let’s go:

What‘s the story behind the deal?

It was an exciting journey confirming that even the smallest pilots cannot be underestimated. Even more true when you realize that even from a small country like Slovakia the solution can get picked up by the HQ team and pushed out on a global scale. After a successful pilot in Slovakia and Czechia at the end of 2018, STAFFINO went througha second round of pilots in Croatia in March and April. After further evaluation, there was an official RFP call on a global level. It included a lot of document praparations and was followed by a series of video conferences with the HQ team. The final meeting took place at the headquarters in Denmark, where they invited three final suppliers for one day of pitches & meetings.

How was the global contract negotiated?

The meetings were challenging as JYSK has a lot of experience in dealing at a global level. In addition to us, two other suppliers were invited. We didn’t see each other, but we knew they were there. Negotiations began at 9 am, the selection team negotiated with another team every hour. After the introductory presentation we received questions and various challenges. While we were working on the assignments, the HQ team negotiated with other suppliers. In this fashoin we went through four “interrogations” during the day. Shortly before 4pm, the HQ team entered the meeting room again and informed us about our victory. It was an incredible feeling.

Why did they choose the Slovak STAFFINO solution?

We were surprised how flexible JYSK is. Despite their size, they still operate as a flexible family business. The support of great managers from Slovakia and Croatia certainly helped. I believe that we attracted the HQ team with our flexibility, service quality, energy, product and commitment. We were honest. We knew that our size (or rather smallness) could be a problem for a global client. That’s why we said it out loud and before-hand. We are small but we will give you service like the big players can’t. We told them, give us a chance now. Because once we become a world player, our prices will be elsewhere. Our commitment is to deliver the higher quality standard that JYSK expects. 

Will we find Staffino in JYSK Hungary?

JYSK operates in two basic clusters, the JYSK Nordic and Dänisches Bettenlager. Both have around 1,500 business units with around 3,000 stores alltogether. We are currently testing rollout processes. The first stores in Denmark are set and launched. In a few days we are rolling out fully in Denmark across 100 stores, as well as in the whole of Czech Republic and Slovakia with another 130 stores. By the half of the next year the entire JYSK organisation shall be connected. We expect JYSK Hungary to join mid February 2020.