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Staffino CX Management Product Update: What’s New in May 2022?

What’s new in recent Staffino product updates? We have added several new features and improvements for an even smoother use of the Staffino customer experience management platform. Here’s everything you need to know.

Predefined Items

This new intelligent feature makes the setup of a new organisation even easier. We have incorporated predefined sets of items to each service where needed. These predefined parameters can be edited at any point in the admin section. Default items were created on:

  • data source,
  • distribution channel,
  • email template,
  • autoreply template.

Using Templates in Triggers

The Staffino platform already allows you to create and edit templates in the trigger. This time, we have made some minor changes to how the template locale is prioritised. By selecting a template in trigger, you will have the option to select a preferred language. This language will be used as a last resort for client feedback request. In this way, the language field will never be empty and the customers will be able to receive requests in their preferred language.

Here’s how the selection works:

  • First of all, the system always checks if we already have a customer’s locale stored (matched by email, phone and reference).
  • Then, the imported locale is checked (if present in the import file).
  • The selected preferred language is used if all of the above fails.

Input Box Options

The input box element now has more options of acceptable values, namely string, number, email, phone number, date and time. Email and phone number use basic validation with characters that must be included, while date and time use pickers.

Inputs are stored separately in attributes. User can select which attribute will be used for storing values from input.

How can you make use of this feature? For instance, you can use it to collect email addresses and store them in the customer email attribute in order to contact the customer later or filter the customer based on age. Do you want to get feedback from all customers under 30 years old? You can conveniently do so thanks to the collected customer attributes.

Placeholders and Default Values

The behaviour of question and label placeholders has improved so they are more predictable and better applied in the editor preview while being edited. For instance, metrics such as NPS and CSAT contain predefined questions in various languages. No field is left empty, and each question and label has a placeholder, which makes navigation way easier for the user while creating a flow.

SMS Link Shortener

When we solicit customer feedback via text messages (SMS), we send a shortened link through which customers can leave their feedback. We have switched to another link shortener in our SMS requests. As for the link, we have decided to go with – in this way, less space is occupied by the URL, and there are almost twenty more characters left for the actual request message.

Want to Test It Yourself?

We hope you find these product updates useful. If you want to test all the new functionalities yourself, go ahead and try our demo. You’ll have a unique chance to check out all the features of our easy-to-use online platform for EX and CX management used and recommended by the world’s leading brands.