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The Mall Czech Republic Considers Its Customers a Priority

The Mall Czech Republic considers its customers a priority. A complex approach to feedback management proves that. 

Collecting feedback and improving the customer experience is a must in e-commerce. Ratings and reviews of individual e-shops have a direct impact on the online shopping decision-making process. Therefore, it is necessary for an e-shop to be able to identify the weaknesses of their company, whether it relates to human resources, processes, or other aspects that may be negatively impacting customers. 

Mall CZ Has Been Measuring CX With Staffino for More Than Half a Year

During the summer of 2021, we started working with a client for whom customer and employee experience is extremely important. Since July, we have been working with the Czech online store Mall to improve their CX. Mall is characterized by a wide assortment of up to 2,000,000 products, high availability, and fast delivery of goods, whether through its Mall Boxes or a wide network of various pick-up points.

Our Client Cares About Customer Satisfaction  

In collecting feedback, Mall focuses primarily on the Customer Satisfaction Metric (CSAT), which measures the overall customer satisfaction. Feedback is collected and measured using this metric across the entire Mall company, including individual teams. Additionally, Mall has also applied this metric to individual employee ratings. 

The numbers also speak in Mall’s favor, with almost three out of four clients stating that they have been satisfied with the agent they interacted with. Meanwhile, the overall customer satisfaction with Mall is also similarly high. 

Another metric that the Czech online store considers to be very important is the First Call Resolution (FCR). This is feedback left by clients especially when inquiring about various information, but also when sharing their complaints and grievances. With FCR, it is possible to see whether the request was resolved during the client’s first interaction. Mall is performing well above average with an almost 75% FCR rating. However, they aren’t stopping there and are working on improving their metrics even further.

In addition, customers can also leave a verbal rating as part of the feedback, which makes the ratings more detailed and allows managers to work with the feedback further. “How can we improve our services?” is one commonly asked question. 

Customers can leave feedback after finishing a call with the customer service center of the Czech online store. Likewise, customers are asked to leave feedback when their complaints or other requests are resolved. The feedback is usually collected either via email or text message. A very special form of customer feedback collection is done through Facebook messaging or more advanced forms of interaction via the E2E Mall Chatbot and IVR self-service. When it comes to conversion rates, Mall has been achieving great numbers, performing well above the 8% benchmark standard for commercial companies. 

The Mall Czech Republic also implemented gamification at the beginning of 2022, which can make the workload and tasks more fun for employees. With this module, employees can earn various badges and awards for their work and completed tasks. Thanks to gamification, employees are much more motivated, engaged, and perform better.  

Competition is also fostered by the collection of badges, which indicate various milestones. Here are a few examples: 

Big Impact

The employee with the most positive feedback

Hyper Typer

Feedback with the highest number of characters


The most feedback received during the weekend

Mall opted to add Staffino’s gamification module for employee motivation and engagement management. While it has been scientifically proven that gamification has a lot to offer in terms of motivation, the module also helps employees to visualize their achievements. After the deployment of gamification, we see the results immediately, which we share in the continuation.

In 2022, Mall continues to map and improve its customer experience through the Staffino XM platform. If you are interested in what results this collaboration has brought or will bring, stay tuned for our blog articles and case studies.