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Case Study: Power of Words in AI Customer Feedback Management

In today’s customer-centric world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve their products, services, and overall customer experience. While numerical ratings and emojis may provide a quick snapshot of customer satisfaction, true insights lie within the open and candid feedback shared by customers.

In Field Service Management (FSM), harnessing the power of words can unlock valuable information to enhance team performance and streamline processes. This study explores the significance of open customer feedback in FSM and highlights the capabilities of advanced AI technology in analysing textual feedback.

Uncovering the True Gold: Open Verbatims

Just as you wouldn’t evaluate an employee’s work or your child’s drawing with a numerical rating like “8 out of 10”, customer feedback should be treated with the same level of authenticity. 

Open verbatims or textual feedback provide a rich source of information that goes beyond mere scores or emojis. By encouraging customers to share their thoughts in their own words, our clients gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their FSM departments.

Example of positive feedback in FSM:
Example of negative feedback in FSM:
This picture shows a negative customer feedback, which needs to be resolved in order not to loose the customer.

The above feedback received by our client, who wishes to remain anonymous, indicates that while the technician’s performance was fine, there are evident shortcomings in the customer service aspect that require attention and resolution. It is crucial to acknowledge that focusing on employee performance would be unjust and useless, as the issues at hand do not stem from his actions.

As you can see, it becomes imperative to employ a comprehensive approach by posing multiple targeted questions pertaining to various facets of the customer experience and creating a space for open verbatims in your customer satisfaction survey.

Transforming Customer Feedback into Actionable Insights

To truly leverage the potential of open feedback, businesses need a robust feedback collection platform, ideally powered by AI technology. Staffino can identify the aspects that are working well and the pain points that exist within FSM departments. By categorising and analysing the textual feedback, we empower FSM managers to easily identify areas that require improvement and take proactive measures to address them.

Our AI-powered CX solution for FSM departments offers an array of benefits when it comes to analysing open feedback. Its advanced tools can identify the main drivers in the open verbatims, categorise feedback into meaningful categories based on these drivers, and present the data in visually appealing formats such as graphs and charts. By eliminating the need for manual analysis, AI technology saves our clients' time and resources while providing accurate insights into customer sentiment and preferences.

The graph above illustrates the distribution of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction regarding different aspects of our client’s field service. These aspects were identified as the primary drivers or the most commonly mentioned topics by our AI system.

This comprehensive analysis of customer satisfaction is particularly valuable when it comes to budgeting decisions. Instead of relying on intuition, our client can now allocate budgets to specific areas based on the urgency of improvement. This data-driven approach eliminates the need for subjective judgments and ensures more effective resource allocation.

The picture show hoe Staffino's AI feedback analyser sorts feedback according to topics or drivers, also taking into account the volume of feedback for each driver.

It is necessary to take into consideration also the volume of feedback received. The graph above showcases the number of feedback received for each driver. While XY may have received only negative feedback, it is not as significant to your customers (and to you) as XY, which has received the most feedback overall during the specified time period. Our AI system also incorporates various other data and statistics, all of which can be explored in detail through our online customer experience dashboards.

Unlocking the Potential of Open Feedback in FSM

By shifting the focus from numerical ratings and emojis to open verbatims, our FSM clients can tap into the true potential of customer feedback in Field Service Management. The insights gained from textual feedback provide a holistic view of the customer experience and enable managers to make data-driven decisions for improvement.

With Staffino’s AI-powered feedback analysis, they can identify patterns, trends, and areas of improvement more efficiently, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A picture showing feedback window

Furthermore, open verbatims from customers, particularly positive ones, can be automatically shared with employees to boost their morale and motivation. This recognition not only acknowledges their efforts but also reinforces positive behaviour.

Additionally, managers have access to a solid data set for employee recognition and incentives, allowing them to identify the top performers or true heroes in their customer-facing team. Based on this information, managers can provide potential promotions, creating a sense of healthy competition and continuous improvement. Last but not least, sharing best practices derived from customer feedback can help employees learn from each other and further enhance their performance.

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Final Word

In Field Service Management, open feedback cannot be underestimated. By embracing customer verbatims and leveraging advanced AI technology, our FSM departments unlock valuable insights that go beyond numerical ratings and emojis. The ability to analyse the voice of customers and transform it into actionable insights enables our clients to enhance team performance, streamline processes, and ultimately deliver exceptional customer experiences.