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We Have Launched a New, Freshly Redesigned Staffino Website!

We are beyond happy to announce the launch of Staffino’s new website! After three years of running, our old website has been replaced by a new version full of cool, user-friendly features. What exactly has changed? Although nothing beats a first-hand experience of exploring the website yourself, here are some major changes that have been implemented. 

1.     Improved Website Speed

We live in a busy world where no one has the time to wait for ages for a page to load. Our new web is built using a different CMS that enables faster page load on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

2.     Simple Navigation

We have unified the structure of product pages to make sure users can easily navigate our website. Product and other pages have been redesigned to contain common or similar elements and colours to achieve a clean and uniform website look.

3.     Mobile-Friendly Web Design

As we have already mentioned, the new CMS has made our website more mobile-friendly. Whether you open it on your phone or tablet, you can now fully enjoy all the features that a desktop user can. Our forms are also more user-friendly and responsive on all devices.

4.     Expanded Product Portfolio

There is a brand-new addition to our portfolio, and it is no other than gamification. Gamification now has its page in the Products & Services category with a product description and other useful information about what gamification is and how it works. Would you like to boost employee engagement and motivation? Then Staffino’s Gamification Module is made for you.

5.     Graphic Enhancements

Although graphic redesign was not our main goal, several major changes have been implemented. Our new website uses simple graphics, softer colours, and minimalistic elements. We wanted to avoid a highly complex design to make it more visually appealing and provide a smooth user experience.

6.     Advanced Analytics

The new CMS allows us to use advanced analytic tools. We can now better adapt our website and its content to suit the users’ immediate needs. Additionally, these tools allow us to detect website bugs and other issues much faster.

7.     Domain Migration

Apart from its new look, our website has got a new domain too! From now on, you can find us at, so feel free to remove the old from your bookmarks. This domain change will make it easier and faster for visitors to find us through both search engines and direct visits.

8.     Direct Access to Our Business App 

Great news! You no longer need to google our business app, as it is located directly on our new website. See the “Log In” button in the top navigation bar? Just click it and get redirected to Staffino’s business app, where you can instantly log in.

9.     More Complex Forms & Newsletter Subscription

Finally, the forms placed on selected pages of our website also needed polishing. The new ones contain added fields, which allow users to give more detailed information necessary for customising our products and services to their needs. For the first time, we have added a field for newsletter signup. If you want to stay on top of the latest CX news, case studies, or Staffino product updates, do not forget to hit the subscribe button at the end of your website tour.

Ready to explore the new Staffino website